Friday, March 14, 2008

day 8

Got in to Luxor this morning and worked our way to the Happy Land Hotel. It was an interesting experience getting here as expected. A guy claimed to be the manager of the hotel and followed us for a quarter mile till I said the magic words to make him and the other fellow go away. What were these magic words? "Bye bye!" in an exaggerated Chinese accent.

Today we hit up the temple at Karnak as well as Luxor Temple. I'm beginning to get a bit templed out. Two more temples to go though. Probably going to the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepshut's Temple tomorrow and then the temple at Dendara the day after. After that, Abu Simbel, and then who knows?

Today's expenses:
Lunch: E£3
Sights: E£60
Dinner: E£9.5
Hotel: E£40
TOTAL: E£112.50 (about $20)

Today in photos:

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