Monday, March 10, 2008

day 4

Today was another good day. Got bus and train tickets for St. Catherine and Aswan. Funny thing is that this is the third day in a row that we walked by the bus station. We came across it the first day while wandering, came across it yesterday while lost (but we got unlost the moment we saw it), and today we were actually seeking it out. Oddly, we had no idea it was a bus station until today.

We spent the rest if the day exploring the length of Islamic Cairo. Hit up a few mosques, climbed a few minarets, and had some great street food. Got some fantastic falafel. At $0.20 a sandwich, we had two each. Sure, there may have been some cleanliness concerns, but we haven't gotten sick yet, so who cares it he used his bare hands to smush the falafel, wiped his hands on his dirty sweater, picked up the tomatoes from the bowl surrounded by flies, and then used those same hands to grab us change while he left our bills on the food prep surface? All we know is that it was damn good.

So for dinner, we may either have more falafel ($0.30 for a sandwich near our hotel) or get some koshari for once.

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