Wednesday, March 19, 2008

day 13

Late blog entry for today because of our hotel's severe mosquito problem. Sucks.

We spent our last day in Cairo exploring the Northern Cemetary, aka the City of the Dead. It's an old area of Cairo where people have squatted in mausoleums. It was pretty interesting. We also came across quite a few ruins of mosques and funerary compounds. It would have been interesting to explore inside of those if it weren't for the fact that people lived all around. We also stumbled across where the cabbies work on their cars. Saw all sorts of car work being done, as well as a fair share of abandoned vehicles.

For our last day, we'll be hitting up Alexandria, then making our long journey back to New Haven via Cairo, Romania, and NYC. See y'all soon.

The day's expenses:
Beverages: E£5.50
Lunch: E£3
Dinner: E£8
Hotel: E£44

Total for the day: E£60.50 (about $11).

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