Tuesday, March 18, 2008

day 12

It's the end of another day, and I'm on another night train. Today was a good mix of sightseeing and relaxing. Woke up at 2:28am to catch a bus to Abu Simbel, which was fantastic. Because we left so early, we got back to Aswan around noon. Here, we got some falafel for lunch, bought some souvenirs, and just chilled out for a bit.

The next two days we'll be chillin' in Cairo. We've already been there for four days, so we don't have much of an agenda. Depending on the weather, candidates are the Northern Cemetary, the Pyramids again, or another area downtown.

We've also been considering hitting up the place that we affectionately call "Top Falafel" because it's been the best we've had so far. Only question is whether out stomachs will handle it. Yep. It's the place I mentioned before with the alternative health practices. But it was damn tasty!

Surprisingly, we still haven't gotten sick of eating falafel and koshari nearly every day. In fact, we'll probably miss having such good, quick, healthy and cheap options. Why don't they have these
places in the US?

Today's actuals - ouch!:
Tour: E£55
Abu Simbel: E£46.50
Lunch: E£2.50
Souvenirs: E£39.25
Beverages: E£4.75
Tipping: E£1.50
Dinner: E£6
Night train: E£110

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