Monday, March 17, 2008

day 11

Today was a travel day. Left Luxor this morning after eating a final great breakfast at the Happyland Hotel, the cleanest, cheapest, and overall the best place we've had so far here. Yep. Happyland is the best.

After getting into Aswan, we found our hotel, which ended up being more challenging than it should have been thanks to the Lonely Planet's grossly inaccurate map. Place here is good, but Happyland has spoiled us. After booking a tour to Abu Simbel, we got train tix back to Cairo for tomorrow night, got some postcards, and some dinner. Surprisingly, Aswan has the best postcards by far so far this trip. It also has the most outrageously priced falafel. The guy wanted E£3 ($0.60) when most places charge E£1 ($0.20). We quickly left that place and found one on the non-tourist street for E£0.50 ($0.10) each. We had four each.

Today's expenses:
Tip for breakfast: E£0.50
Train tickets: E£25
Hotel: E£51
Beverages: E£7
Dinner: E£2

Today's total: E£85.50 ($16)

Tomorrow's expected expenses:
Tour: E£55
Admission: E£20
Snack: E£1.50
Dinner: E£2
Night train: E£110

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