Sunday, March 16, 2008

day 10

Feels like we've been here for weeks, but I guess it's only been ten days. Wow. Seems like we're almost wrapping up too.

Tomorrow we take a train to Aswan, which is the southernmost city in Egypt. There we intend to book a trip to Abu Simbel, waaaaay down south to check out the temple. Then, depending on scheduling, we may stick around and chill for another day, or head back up north, perhaps checking out Alexandria, or maybe some other pyramids. We shall see...

Forgot to take iPhone photos today. You'll have to wait. The Temple of Seti I and the Hathor Temple at Dendara that we checked out today were both awesome. Good exploring and good touring of the countryside. And yes, we spent big today. E£165 each for the driver, E£30 for the sites, E£7.25 for food, E£1.50 baksheesh (tipping), and E£40 for hotel. E£243.75 each for the day. That's almost $45. Yeesh!

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