Sunday, February 10, 2008

cheap power

For some reason I decided to see how much electricity costs in Seattle. Findings? CHEAP!

New Haven is ridiculously expensive at about 20 cents/kWh. Cleveland was much cheaper at 12 cents/kWh. Seattle? Aside from having a tiered billing system, it's something on the order of 8 cents/kWh. In other words, our electricity bill for the apartment would have been $15 instead of $75.

The downside? It makes saving energy a bit hard to justify. Guessing that I'll be using less than 10kWh a day (since that's how much THREE of us use on a heavy use month), I'll be paying 4 cents/kWh. But even so, a CFL bulb will still pay for itself after 50 hours of use. Here in New Haven we break even in about 10 hours, yet people still use incandescents and leave the lights on like idiots. Thanks, jerks.

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