Friday, January 25, 2008


I was looking through some of my international coins this morning. A few observations:
  • Countries with British roots (like the UK, Australia, NZ, HK) have coin systems that are idiotic. There is no rhyme or reason for the sizing for the different denominations. What were you all thinking!?
  • Queen Elizabeth has aged quite a bit since her initial youthful profile first appeared on coins in the 1950's. Those new Canadian coins - wow. Not even a crown.
  • Costa Rica has by far the stupidest coins in my collection (if you can call it that). They are all the same color. They are all roughly the same size. Similar weight. Thanks, guys.
Just renewed my auto insurance for Progressive. As an ex-employee I probably pay more attention to that packet than most other people. How much did I read? Hardly any of it.

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