Wednesday, May 16, 2007

and i would drive 1,000 miles...

Hello from New Orleans. Yep. Safely made our way down here from Cleveland yesterday after 15 hours on the road. Left at 7am, arrived at around 10pm in the evening, thanks to the gift of time, courtesy of time zones.

It's been a great trip so far. Explored DC, where we got to play with guns, rocket launchers, and pose by tanks and Apache helicopters. Explored Pittsburgh, and then took a great 55 minute run through Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights in Cleveland.

Last night we arrived in New Orleans, after a 1,000+ plus drive from Cleveland. On the way, we didn't do that much, although we did stop by an authentic Skyline Chili experience in Kentucky, right across the river from downtown Cincinnati. Good times. Driving game winner from yesterday, FedEx, with 31 trucks, with an impressive race between UPS, Wal-Mart, and Swift Transport for second. UPS had an early lead, building starting with trucks in OH and continuing through the end. Wal-Mart got a slow start, but caught up with UPS in Alabama. Swift, a late entrant, didn't enter the race until Alabama, but quickly caught up to make it a three-way race on I-59 after we passed Birmingham.

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Ross said...

hey mr. paul

new orleans eh? hope your roadtrip is going well. if you should happen to get a chance, could you pick up a small bag of gris-gris for good luck? we hang them in the lab, the last ones are ~4 years old and we could use a little recharging. when do you get in seattle? the weather is starting to get nice and summer-like. looking forward to hanging out!