Monday, April 09, 2007

crappy blogs

So like you, I read other people's blogs. Mostly those of friends that I like to keep tabs on. However, I have a little problem with one of them. The content that's being put up is just total crap. It's one thing to create a blog and then neglect it. That used to be more of a problem when there wasn't RSS and I would need to do work to see if there are any updates. My current problem is something else. This one individual had been updating their blog, but the updates are just total crap. Apparently this person's life now focusing on a few things that I'm just not interested in.

So... should I just stop reading the blog? Should I have a little chat with this person to let them know how I feel about the quality and diversity of the content? Or should I suck it up and continue reading this blog with the hope that eventually the tide will turn and the topics will return to something that's even marginally interesting or informative? Choices...

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mbagladiator said...

you better not be talking about my blog you punk