Saturday, March 10, 2007

last exam before break

I'm here sitting in classroom A53, ready to take my last final exam for Spring-1. It's hard to believe that after this, I'll be 3/8 done with my MBA experience.

The last half semester has flown by very quickly, as it seems like only a few weeks ago we came back from winter break. It's been a crazy, but good semester that included the final set of core "perspectives," the crazy job search, and also more of the usual antics that make up life at business school. Although it's been a great semester with a lot of positive developments, it's good to see it come to a close. Next semester should be a good shift for me, with a lighter course-load that would allow me spend more time working out, doing extracurriculars (like Yearbook!), and maybe even catching up on a few things outside of school.

Also, with today being the last exam, it's finally settling in that I'll be leaving for Morocco tomorrow for a spring break trip! It's funny how I seem to have been thinking more of summer in Seattle than spring break in Morocco. Now that it's upon me, I'm definitely looking forward to it. All I need to do is to get this final exam over with... and pack. (-:

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