Wednesday, August 02, 2006

citibank dividend's card

So Citibank sent me a letter telling me that since I've been such a great customer they'd like to offer me some extra incentives. Great! So what do they offer? A lower APR on purchases, having my cash back automatically credited to my statement, or earning points towards more rewards.

After some thought, I decided to take the additional rewards since the other two options don't give me any additional money in return. I pay my balance in full, and I think I'd rather take a few dollars back and deal with the small inconvenience of having to cash a $50 check every once in a while.

So I call them up. When I talked to the rep, she told me that instead of those options I could get a full 5% back on ALL purchases for 3 months. Hrm... sounds like a good deal to me. So I signed up. I have a feeling this would come in handy when I pay rent... and when I buy stuff for my new apartment. (-:

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