Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ridiculous link of the day

Third post of the day. Lordy, this is getting excessive. But I had to share. :-)

Thanks to Scott, who referenced carrier pigeons in his e-mail about moving back to Houston, I was presented an ad for a "Pigeon Loft Organizer."

"What on Earth is a Pigeon Loft Organizer!?," you might ask. Some choice snippets from their site:
  • Do you need to upgrade from an obsolete, "legacy", pedigree program?
  • Pigeon Loft Organizer software provides a quick and easy way for you to manage all your pigeon data.
  • Create pedigrees incorporating JPEG images of the object pigeons and parents
  • Identify all sons & daughters of a selected cock or hen
  • Analyse your racing results by Club, race point, year, pigeon

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