Friday, December 23, 2005

more weirdness

Dream #1: Stolen presents

I was in someone else's apartment in a big city (like New York or something) and I had my Xmas presents for my family on a table by the door. Randomly two kids appeared who tried to steal the present that I got for my mom. I pursued the kid into the kitchen. I wasn't too close behind, but as he turned around the kitchen table I jumped across it and landed a kick to his face. At that point I could have left him alone, but I was pretty agitated at him doing what he did, so I slapped him a few times on the face. I usually don't do that, so I explained to the guy how I've never done that to anyone before, but that he deserved it. After that, I let him go.

When I went back to the living room, I noticed that the kid snatched one of the other gifts on his way out the door. That really pissed me off. Not only did he steal again, but he stole the present that I got for the dog, which is a dog toy worth $2.99. What a pain in the ass. I ran downstairs to the street and saw the kids in a Hummer parked across the street. I ran across the street and in a moment of brilliance jumped onto the hood of the car. They must have been expecting that (for reasons unknown) because the car was covered in grease. It was like holding on to an exhaust hood at a restaurant. I slipped off as he accellerated away from the curb and I found myself flying through the air.

Once I was on the hood I realized I was in trouble. There was no reason why the kid wouldn't start the car just because I was there. My worries were confirmed as I flew through the air in what seemed like slow motion. As I flew, I glanced around to see if I would get hit by any oncoming traffic. I saw a few cars, but I could tell from the looks of the drivers' faces that they saw me as I flew. I soon noticed that it didn't just *seem* like slow motion, it really *was* slow motion. The cars were still going normal speed, though they slowed down to see the random guy floating in the air.


Dream #2: Flickr taken over!

In this dream Flickr, the awesome photo site, became part of Rob Galbraith's site, an awesome photography site. I was pretty pissed off since I like flickr and Rob Galbraith has no business taking it over. Not only that, but they completely changed the name. All instances of the flickr logo were replaced by a banner with the same logo as At this point, I realized this was too crazy to be true and that I must be dreaming.

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