Monday, June 27, 2005

montreal - day 1

Got into Montreal safe and sound last night. Staying at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. Nothing too eventful so far. We had dinner at Vargas, which is right down the street. Very good place, especially if you're getting reimbursed. :-) I had the gigantic prime rib. Tasty.

I was originally thinking of going for a run this morning, but decided against it after checking out the possible route on Google maps. Ended up that the walking path that looked so nice on the CAA (Canada's AAA) map went straight through this shipping area. Not exactly what I had in mind for the St. Lawrence River. I'll still probably walk over there tomorrow though. I plan on spending most of the day wandering.

Oh yeah... I came here expecting to get free high speed internet access in my room. I am, but not through the hotel. Apparently I still have to pay $CAD 13.95 a day for it. Right now I'm getting a decent connection off of someone's wireless hub. Not sure who, but it doesn't really matter. ;-)

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