Wednesday, June 29, 2005

happy birthday!

I was out last night and I got a call from my friend Maia, whose birthday is June 28th, the day before mine. I was about to tell her happy birthday, but she caught me off guard by telling happy birthday to me! But it wasn't my birthday yet. It was her birthday!

Actually, we were both right. Maia, being in Japan and all, was calling me the morning of June 29th, her time... my birthday. I got the call the evening of June 28th, my time... her birthday. So even though we don't have our birthdays on the same day, we were able to both say happy birthday to each other at the same time on the right day (for the speaker). Neat...

Now we only need to swap places one of these times so we're not both confused when we hear the other person say happy birthday on what we think is the wrong day... :-)

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