Tuesday, May 03, 2005

i hate geagle

This isn't a new development, but I hate Giant Eagle. For those who aren't familiar with this, a quick recap:
  1. The company is based in Pittsburgh. I'm from Cleveland, so that makes me anti-Pittsburgh.
  2. Their prices suck
  3. Their produce sucks. On more than one occassion I've thrown out produce in my fridge because it's been there for two weeks and looked like crap, only to find the produce at Geagle looked just like what I trashed.
A lot of people assert that Giant Eagle's prices aren't bad, especially when things are on sale. Today I'd like to disprove that theory.

Yesterday I went to Marc's and Sam's Club on my usual food run. Today I got Geagle junk mail/spam. Let's see...

Marc's regular prices vs. Geagle regular prices

Marc's Geagle
$0.98 $1.69 1 lb red delicious apples (and the Marc's ones are actually fresh!)

Marc's regular prices vs. Geagle sale prices

Marc's Geagle
$2.50 $2.50 1 package NutriGrain bars

Marc's sale prices vs. Geagle sale prices

$0.88 $0.89 2 liter soda
$2.98 $3.99 2 lbs strawberries
$0.25 $0.40 1 ear of corn
$4.98 $5.00 24 can cube o' Pepsi
$1.88 $3.99 1 Dole pineapple
$1.99 $2.00 1 can Reddiwip
$1.33 $1.59 1 package Thomas' English muffins
$1.50 $2.00 6 pack Musselman's apple sauce

Clearly, even a Giant Eagle sale doesn't make it any cheaper than a Marc's sale.

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