Saturday, April 23, 2005


So after running my computer for about a year, I decided I should try to bring it back to spec...

A bit of background... here's what I bought originally:
AMD Athlon 2400+ Mobile (1.8GHz clock @ 1.45V)
1GB Mushkin RAM (400MHz DDR)

This is how I've been running it this past year:
1.4GHz @ 1.65V
RAM at 266MHz DDR

For those who don't know, that's just retarded, but remarkably stable. In other words, it's running way *slower* than it should be. CPU is 22% under it's prescribed speed, but using and extra 14% power (makes it more stable). RAM is running 33% under speed. It's like buying a sports car, driving under the speed limit, and putting in premium gas when regular would do just fine.

So today I'm fixing it. Back to spec. My computer should now be about 10-20% faster. Yay free upgrade. Boo being retarded.

At some point, I may even decide to overclock this thing (as I traditionally do). Maybe next year when I seek an additional free upgrade. I'm pretty sure I can get another 10-20% out of this (conservative estimate). Not out of line with the typical 40-50% that I've gotten in the past (Dual Pentium II 300MHz @ 450MHz, Duron 600MHz @ 858MHz).

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