Wednesday, February 09, 2005

thanks for the mercenaries

No better way to thank our allies than by paying them off. How about a measly $400 million? Just enough to run our military for 3 days. Oh... and you have to share.

For some reason this seems wrong on a few levels...

Firstly, aren't our allies supposed to help for free if they really believed in the cause? Doesn't paying them off make them mercenaries? Crazy metaphor time: Isn't your wife supposed to sleep with your for free? Wouldn't paying her off make her a whore?

Secondly, this almost seems like a way of saying "screw you" to the allies that dropped out. Burning bridges on an international level must be fun.

Thirdly, the amount is so trivial I almost see it as an insult...

Yes, we spend $1 billion each week for our operations.
Thanks for your time guys. Here's $400 million. Please split it between all of you. Poland, since your people love freedom so much, you get $100 million. Everyone else can split the rest... You'd get more, but maybe next time you should love freedom more.

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