Thursday, November 25, 2004

an update

At this point Peyton Manning has thrown for 6 TDs, 3 to Marvin Harrison. My calculations say that that between the two of them they have already scored 44 and 30 points for my fantasy team, respectively. Thanks, fellas. I appreciate the effort.

So I haven't updated this thing is a week. Sorry. I'll try harder.

So a recap of what I didn't cover....

Last weekend:
Fun adventures down in Texas...

The good:
  • Waffle House. The most friendly one I've been at. Also the best breakfast I've had in a while. No better way to start the morning than with some pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, and grits. Yum!
  • The airport. Nice, new, and spacious.
  • Alamo Theatre at West Oaks mall. Kick ass. It's one of those restaurant/bar/movie theatre deals. Plus, instead of showing ads before movies, they show old school movies and cartoons instead. Nothing like seeing old runs of spiderman, superman, and weird japanese superhero movies before seeing the Incredibles. Good movie, by the way.

The bad:
  • The crazy toll plazas. Yes, we do have exact change! What? Coins only? F*ck! A gold star to Hula who somehow got us across three lanes of traffic without getting us shot. A special thank you to you Texans who didn't shoot us.
  • Where are we? Oh yeah, we're in Texas. For every time we *almost* forgot where we were, we were reminded that we were in Texas. Was it the giant Texas flags everywhere? The "Native Texan" license plate frames? I don't know... where are we?
  • The airport. We have to go through security to eat? What's up with that? Apparently there was food at Terminal A (where I came from), but I didn't want to backtrack across the airport. Besides, the tram thing sucked. Little 6-person cars that crawled on this track that twisted its way along a straight hallway (yes, really). Like something you'd expect at a chocolate factory but without the flair.
  • Haliburton. 'nuff said.

The weird:
  • Houston Texans cheerleaders at the mall... and the line of young kids lining up with their parents. And Hula and I standing behind them to get a gift for Scott.
  • The "turkey drop." We didn't see this happen, but John Eagle Honda had a promotion where they were going to drop turkeys from a chopper. We went to check it out, but we either got the date, time, or location wrong. Sigh...
  • The airport. But I have to admit, that was the most beautiful car rental facility I've ever seen. Big open atrium, massive counters, marble floors, gigantic covered lot. A lot nicer than most hotels I've been in. I see our airport taxes are hard at work.

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